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If you are willing to withdraw your Payoneer dollars in to Pakistani rupees then not to worry; now it is possible all through Easymoneypk. The process is very easy and simple you just tell us how much Payoneer dollars you want to withdraw and from which source would you like to get in Pakistani Rupees, We transfer to all Pakistan Bank, Easy paisa and UBL Omni.

How to Withdraw Payoneer Dollar into Pakistani Rupees

First you will need to contact us through email or text message, we will contact with you and  will ask you about the Payoneer dollars detail, like from which source did you get Payoneer dollars in your account if we find your transaction are legal we will purchase dollar from you. Our rates are high in purchasing as compare to the market rates (for example if other purchase dollar in 92Rupees then we purchase in 94Rupees).

Withdraw Payment Sources.

•    Payoneer to any Bank
•    Payoneer to Easy paisa
•    Payoneer to UBL Omni

What are the Service Charges?

As we have mentioned many times in our site that our all services are free and we do not charge any fees in exchange. Bank transfer and Payoneer transfer fees depend on the transaction.

Contact Details

You will get response as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us any time
Cell: 03213025295

2 comments on “cashout Payoneer Dollars
  1. Hasnain says:

    i want to withdraw $30 from payoneer please tell me the method. i need it urgent so please tell me the rate.

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